Saturday, August 30, 2014

Changes I want from Heathers the Musical that could be fit in really easily and don’t require lots of reworking:

  • A comment on how the teacher who was super dismissive of her student’s bulimia is the same one leading the WE MUST LOUDLY CARE campaign after Heather’s apparent suicide
  • More character for Heather Duke
  • "Dear god i prayed for the death of heather chandler many times. i felt bad about it every time but i kept doing it anyways. now i know you understood everything. praise jesus. hallelujah."
  • No but it would be super easy to all of the prayers and the preacher’s sermon in like a transition scene after the me inside of me. you don’t need to stage a full out funeral. you just need a darkened stage. first the spotlight on the preacher. then on each of the kid’s as they say their prayer things.
  • References to the whole blue scene being an after-funeral date.
  • Shrink the song blue and be more conscious about the scene’s darkness (though keeping heather m not being raped. also this just wouldn’t fit. musical veronica wouldn’t just walk off and leave her to that.) (also but don’t get rid of blue entirely i have such fond memories of my brother swearing profusely during that scene)
  • this is more an interpretation thing than book change but veronica should be visibly suspicious of jd’s bullshit bullet explanation, but still going along with it. there should be ambiguity in how much she realizes what she’s getting into. also that explanation is so obviously bullshit. come on veronica “harvard duke or brown” sawyer you’re smart.
  • also keep “do you take german?” before the ich luge bullets are explained.
  • no more “surprise! kurt and ram’s dads are secretly gay for each other!”. it’s just there for cheap laughs. it’s dumb. it doesn’t make sense. 
  • after heather m’s attempted suicide could she spit out more of the pills so her lines are actually understandable please?
  • change the tone of heather duke’s line about martha’s attempted suicide. keep the line “that’s the punchline” to lead into saying that martha lived. it should all have the tone of casual, mean-spirited gossip. i feel like the delivery has too much of a “mwahaha” thing going on

And changes that would need more extensive reworking but i still want

  • jd’s line during/after kurt and ram’s funeral “how do you think [the father] would feel about a gay son whose limp wrist still had a pulse in it?”. i know that would change the point the musical gives that scene, but that line was super biting in the movie and i miss it
  • make jd less of a “murder seems like a good option because they are hurting my girlfriend and being general assholes” and more “hahaha murder is fun. also wow this is great we scare people into not being assholes. power trip. veronica i have a great sexy date idea lets kill heather m look i marked up her moby dick let’s cuddle.” 

Anyone else have changes they’d like? Or want to discuss my suggested changes?