Saturday, August 23, 2014


Neil Patrick Harris Challenge Ice-cepted! X

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The title song from today’s matinee. Needless to say I was surrounded by very confused tourists. It was definitely an experience I’m never going to forget. I felt so bad, especially for Jeremy who sang all of his bits despite his mic not being turned up until ‘In all your fantasies’, but all I could do was laugh.

I didn’t do touch my phone or anything, this is exactly how it sounded in the theatre. 

The Phantom of the Opera - Jeremy Secomb and Harriet Jones, 21st August 2014 Matinee

Friday, August 22, 2014


Leslie Knope tries impressions and accents



The pride in his eyes in that last cap

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fricking average untrained singers singing musical theatre songs on tv talent shows pisses me off because everyone’s like wow amazing and if an actual trained musical theatre singer went on everyone would be like no ur too musical theatre like being fricking trained is a bad thing

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heateus meme: [3/6 scenes]

Last time I did this… this isn’t how I did this. The young man at the dispensary calls this “purple kush”. He says all his cancer patients love it’s “deep body stone”.


would it be completely inappropriate to set this as my text alert??




somebody should write an essay comparing and contrasting tina from bob’s burgers and meg from family guy and explain why tina hit the mark for respectfully portraying the awkward teenage years and why meg is a huge fucking insensitive joke that isn’t even funny

Tina is a character, Meg is a punchline. 

wow that’s a pretty concise essay


Chrys Watches GoT [x]